Today Atlanta, Tomorrow the World! (Or Kansas City)

Jacques Colimon, David Zeiger, and Celia Zeiger at the Atlanta Film Festival world premiere of Sweet Old World

Sweet Old World premiered March 25 at the Atlanta Film Festival, where it received a wonderful reception. In a line-up that included several Sundance films, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution chose to highlight Sweet Old World in its preview of the festival, under the headline “Family Drama Leads Atlanta Film Festival.”

The preview by Howard Pousner called the film “a solid portrayal of loss and love between father, son…”

The death of a child casts a long shadow, as former Atlanta filmmaker David Zeiger can attest.

Zeiger’s 1998 documentary “The Band” chronicled the life of his son Danny during his junior year as a Decatur High School marching band musician, the story of a boy becoming his own young man. But it was also an essay of David’s own free fall after he lost older son Michael in a 1986 accident, the breach it caused in his family and professional lives, and his gradual reconnection with Danny.

Now, Zeiger returns to the difficult theme in his first drama, “Sweet Old World”…one of the highlights of the 2012 Atlanta Film Festival…What the drama has going for it is the unblinking way it conveys familial loss and a renewed love between father and son that holds a ray of promise for their futures.

“Sweet Old World” shows a talented filmmaker thick in the middle of a brave period of transition.

And the popular film blog filmicability wrote, “Zeiger’s documentary roots show spectacularly through in Sweet Old World’s finest moments. An expertly performed character piece.”

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Next stop is the Kansas City Filmfest April 13-15, where Sweet Old World will be in competition.

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