Media Update: North Georgia Leisure write up

From “Opening Weekend @ Atlanta Film Festival!” by Tenaya Cleveland

DAY 1 (Friday): While standing in line at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema (home base for the fest), I met filmmaker David Zeiger, standing with his lovely daughter. He told me that his film SWEET OLD WORLD would be showing on Sunday evening and invited me to attend.

DAY 3 (Sunday): Remember David Zeiger, the filmmaker I met on Friday?  Well, I showed up for the premiere of his dramatic feature, SWEET OLD WORLD, and he greeted me with a big hug!  He then introduced me to the break-out star of the film, Jacques Colimon, and invited me to go with the group to Manuel’s after the screening.  It was a treat to experience Mr. Zeiger’s foray into narrative feature filmmaking (after a number of successes as a documentary filmmaker) – and the young star of the film, Jacques Colimon, is a gem.  I predict that both of these humble and talented artists will continue on to much more success.

Read the rest of the piece at North Georgia Leisure

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