Drama of familial loss, love a film festival opening weekend highlight

One of the highlights of the 2012 Atlanta Film Festival…What the drama has going for it is the unblinking way it conveys familial loss and a renewed love between father and son that holds a ray of promise for their futures.

“Sweet Old World” shows a talented filmmaker thick in the middle of a brave period of transition.

– Howard Pousner, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

2012 Atlanta Film Festival review: SWEET OLD WORLD

An expertly performed character piece… Zeiger’s documentary roots show spectacularly through in Sweet Old World’s finest moments.

filmicability with Dean Treadway

Opening Weekend @ Atlanta Film Festival!

It was a treat to experience Mr. Zeiger’s foray into narrative feature filmmaking (after a number of successes as a documentary filmmaker) – and the young star of the film, Jacques Colimon, is a gem. I predict that both of these humble and talented artists will continue on to much more success.

– Tenaya Cleveland, North Georgia Leisure